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Sales – How to Effectively Handle Objections in the Sales Process

Price: £115 + VAT
Duration: 3 Hours

Objections are inevitable but should never be seen as a door slamming closed in your face. The key is to understand why the customer is objecting – you must take the time to uncover this if you hope to move forward in a mutually beneficial way.

What will be covered?

  • Review of standard sales process to identify when & where objections arise
  • Explore different objection handling techniques such as the CLEAR model
  • Learn how to use the SPIN model for clarifying customer questions
  • Use the Ladder technique to explore customer soft facts and identify the strength of resistance

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for:

  • Those who have a good grasp of ‘core selling skills’ & wish to develop their objection techniques in a sales situation

Outcome and benefits

  • Develop awareness of different relationship styles
  • Match styles to create a more effective sales environment
  • Understand objections and the different solutions required
  • Understand the importance of questioning and challenging

Course materials (included)

Delegates receive courseware to refer to throughout the course and as a refresher following the course


A good grasp of ‘core selling skills’